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    Week Ahead: Focus on Fed Rate decision and Non-Farm Payroll data

    January 29, 2024

    Looking ahead from the final week of January, traders and investors are gearing up for a bustling week filled with significant economic events. These developments are poised to shape market dynamics, with a particular focus on inflation trends, economic growth pace, and central bank strategies. Let’s delve into the crucial data points that will impact financial markets.

    Australia’s Consumer Price Index (31 January 2024)

    Market participants are closely monitoring the upcoming Consumer Price Index (CPI) data in Australia. After a dip in the year-on-year CPI from 4.9% in October 2023 to 4.3% in November 2023, the projected increase in CPI by 3.7% in December 2023 is of paramount importance. This inflation indicator holds significance as it could sway the Reserve Bank of Australia’s monetary policy decisions, potentially affecting the Australian Dollar.

    Canada’s Gross Domestic Product (31 January 2024)

    With stability observed in the Canadian economy over the past few months, the forthcoming Gross Domestic Product (GDP) data is expected to reflect a growth of 0.1%, serving as a key gauge of Canada’s economic well-being. Traders focused on the Canadian Dollar will closely analyse this release for insights into the Bank of Canada’s future monetary policy.

    The Fed Interest Rate Decision (1 February 2024)

    After maintaining the federal funds rate at 5.50% since December 2023, the Federal Reserve’s upcoming interest rate decision is highly anticipated. Despite previous indications of potential rate cuts in 2024, analysts expect the Fed to hold the rate steady. This decision is critical for the US Dollar and could significantly influence the equity and bond markets.

    Bank of England Interest Rate Decision (1 February 2024)

    Having maintained its benchmark interest rate at a 15-year high of 5.25% since December 2023, the Bank of England’s anticipated decision to hold steady will be crucial for the GBP. Given the divided vote in the previous meeting, any shifts in the voting pattern could offer insights into the central bank’s future policy direction.

    US Jobs Report (2 February 2024)

    The US jobs market, a focal point of attention, witnessed the addition of 216,000 jobs in December 2023, but with the unemployment rate holding steady at 3.7%. The January 2024 report, forecasted to show an addition of 173,000 jobs and a stable unemployment rate, will serve as a key indicator of the US economic health. This data holds substantial influence over the US Dollar and overall market sentiment, especially in light of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy considerations.