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    King of the Hill Trading Contest by VT Markets Sees Global Participation, Awarding Winners Over US$90,000

    September 8, 2023

    Sydney, Australia, 6 September 2023 – VT Markets, a premier online trading platform, successfully concluded its annual King of the Hill Trading Contest, which brought together hundreds of traders from around the world. The contest proved to be an exciting showcase of trading prowess, collectively it has gotten an impressive sum of over US$2 million between May and July 2023.

    The contenders squared off in a gripping trading competition where each eyed the opportunity to have their share of over US$90,000 cash prize, along with a coveted spot-on VT Markets’ Wall of Fame. VT Markets’ worldwide reach shone brightly. All regions demonstrated their mettle, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars each. The success of each region in the competition speaks volumes about the flourishing global presence of VT Markets.

    A representative from VT Markets expressed delight at the overwhelming popularity of the contest, stating, “With the conclusion of King of the Hill 2023, we are thrilled to have witnessed the exceptional skill and dedication displayed by all the participants. The resounding success of this event cannot be underestimated, and VT Markets is eagerly looking forward to bringing even more exciting opportunities in the near future.”

    VT Markets is already gearing up for another edition of the King of the Hill Trading Contest, with details to be announced in due course. As an industry leader in the trading industry, VT Markets aims to build upon the previous event’s triumph and attract an even broader array of traders seeking the coveted title of King of the Hill.

    About VT Markets:

    VT Markets is a global multi-asset broker, providing access to a wide range of financial markets for traders and investors worldwide. With a strong commitment to innovation, technology, and client satisfaction, VT Markets offers competitive trading conditions, advanced trading platforms, and a comprehensive suite of educational resources.

    For more information, please visit the official VT Markets website or email us at [email protected]. Alternatively, follow VT Markets on Meta, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

    For media enquiries and sponsorship opportunities, please email [email protected]

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