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5 April 2024
Top 10 Forex Trading Strategies to Master in 2024

Embarking on a journey into the trading landscape can often resemble stepping into an intricate labyrinth without a guiding map. However, arming yourself with a set of strategic approaches can empower you to traverse the financial markets with assurance, unlocking …

31 March 2024
Simple strategies for trading on news

source: Canva Have you ever noticed that some traders seem to know where the market will move before it happens? They’re probably using a method called “trading based on news.” Think of it as being like a money detective, always …

15 March 2024
10 rules to trade like a pro 

Trading has become increasingly popular among non-professionals, offering both enticing opportunities and daunting risks. While the potential for profit and portfolio diversification attracts many, the reality of market uncertainty and emotional challenges cannot be ignored.  To navigate this landscape successfully, …

15 March 2024
Trading gold with technical indicators 

The allure of gold has a hold on many traders and investors, especially amid the uncertainties of the financial realm. However, navigating its market dynamics demands keen insight. This is where technical indicators are key to successful trades. By scrutinising …

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